Proficiency Testing for ASTM B117 - w/ Cleaning and Mass Measure

Proficiency Testing for ASTM B117 - w/ Cleaning and Mass Measure
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Proficiency Testing program for ASTM B117 Salt Spray including both pre- and post-mass cleaning and measurements.  With this full-service program, we take care of the cleaning and mass measurements for you.  We clean and weigh the coupons before sending them to be tested in your chamber.  Upon completion of the test, just pat the coupons dry, wrap them in paper (you may use the same paper provided along with the desiccant bags) and ship them back to us with your completed paperwork with the machine and operating information.   We recommend using UPS Air to ensure we receive your samples in a timely manner. 

Please specify the Name, E-Mail address and Phone Number of the person we should contact regarding test results when you order.  If you don't specify this information in the special instructions, we will process the sign-up to be for the shipping contact information.  

Please note that this will require part number 550600 for international shipping and handling if the packet needs to be sent prepaid outside they US. This charge can be avoided if you provide an account number for us to ship UPS or Fed Ex collect in the special instructions box.  If we can’t send the package collect, this fee is mandatory for all orders outside the US, so please add part number 550600 to our order in this case.

Please note that all international PT orders must be prepaid before the packets will ship out, so international companies cannot choose the "Bill my Company" option.  Payment can be done via check, credit card or wire transfer.  We do have a $30 wire transfer fee, should you choose this payment method.  This payment policy also applies to any US companies that do not have open terms with us.  We do not open terms for PT programs only.  Thank you! 

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