712485 - HEATER SUPPORT, NC-90

  • Item #: 712485

712485 - Heater support for NC 90 - Works with all Atotech USA, Atlas and Auto Technology Company cyclic corrosion test chambers (CCT). PURPOSE: The purpose of the heater support is to contain the heater element while in use. It will prevent the heater from making contact with the fiberglass shell. LOCATION: The heater support is located inside of the cabinet under the diffuser plates. The heater/s are found in the bottom of the exposure chamber under the diffuser plates. The heater element fits inside the welded support. FUNCTION: When heat is required during a cycle, the cabinet SSR1 is energized to send power to the heater. The heater support holds the heater into position during the heating and cooling process. Caution! The heater supports may get hot. 

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Price $770.00